Painting Crush: Lynnea Holland-Weiss

Social media has served as a useful tool in regards to discovering new artists. I stumbled upon yet another figurative painter while navigating through Instagram, Lynnea Holland-Weiss. I’m not sure what it is about the human figure that draws me in, but I know it’s always been this way. Ever since I was a child, I had this urge to draw and portray people that existed around me and inside my head so it’s no wonder I’m intrigued by Lynnea’s work. She portrays a human experience that feels familiar in a contemporary society- reflecting on time, muscle memory, routine, and emotion.


I appreciate the variety in her paintings, from the way subjects are rendered to her playful use of proportions. There is always something to keep your eyes buzzing around the work.


Lynnea does not stay locked in her studio by any means. An advocate for public art, she has painted murals in cities like Philadelphia, Cleveland, Oakland and more. If you’re ever out traveling in one of these places hopefully you’re lucky enough to encounter one of her works!

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