Painting Crush: Jennifer Pochinski

Even though she is considered a figurative painter, I was originally in awe over Jennifer Pochinski’s paintings because of the way she depicts space. It is easy to look at her work and see what it represents but then become disillusioned through abstracted shapes, colors, and brushstrokes. Something becomes nothing and then it becomes something again. It’s less about the figure, but the way the figure exists in a moment as if only for a short time- how you can squint and everything begins to dissipate.


In an interview with Savvy Painter podcast, Pochinski talks about never fully being satisfied with her work, which I believe a lot of painters can relate to, myself included. I get caught up on areas that I want to “fix” at the risk of overworking the painting. The wonderful thing about never being satisfied is that there is always a reason to keep working. She says painting always acts as an “anchor” in her mind. Through all the ebbs and flows of life, painting is always there to act as a constant.



To see more, visit:


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